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Furlo Family Homes is a property management business started out of a desire to provide homes, not just units, to families & individuals. Not everyone can afford to buy a home, but everyone can live as if they did. We believe that well-maintained homes, and excellent services attract the best people in the community. We attract the best people in many ways:

  • Our homes are well maintained at move in: we provide that extra touch to make it a special occasion.
  • We provide excellent customer service: we’re friendly, readily available, and willing to go the extra step to get a request done.
  • We communicate openly and regularly with residents: One of our favorite goodies is a monthly tips & tricks newsletter to enrich lives.
  • We regularly listen to residents so we can provide better services and tools as their needs change.
  • We charge a fair price to everyone.

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  • Recommendations

    Landlord was extremely helpful, always listened to me and got back to me in a timely manner. Apartment is clean and cozy. Great experience. Thank you again : )
    Heather K.
    Jessi and James are very kind people who will always listen to any issues or concerns you may have about your rental! We have enjoyed having them as our landlords for the past few years.
    The Groves
    Furlo Family Homes was very easy to deal with and the move in/out process was very easy!
    Tom B.
    James & Jessi are very welcoming & great to work with. I would recommend their properties to any one looking to rent.
    Samantha P.
    The apartments are beautiful, clean and they’re all unique in different ways. I’ve never had an issue with any neighbor. Jessi & James are two very selfless, smart, resourceful individuals. I will always consider Furlo Family Homes when renting. I believe they truly care about their tenants.
    Mary S.
    The Furlos are really great and understanding people. More landlords should strive to be like them.
    William F.
    We strongly recommend the Furlos as landlords. I honestly don’t believe you could rent from anyone else who would be as fair, caring, and involved. As well as even though at this point the duplex is shared with the Furlos, they never once bothered or invaded our privacy.
    Adam S