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Receive passive, tax-advantaged cash flow, limited exposure to market volatility, and above-average returns hedged against inflation through passive investing in real estate syndications.

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The Best Investment On The Planet

Multifamily syndication is where a group of people pool their resources to purchase an apartment building that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to buy on their own.

General Partners organize the syndication: find the property, secure financing, and manage the property. Limited Partners provide the cash and receive an equity share along with cash flow distributions and profits in return for their investment.

Passive Income

Unlike stocks and bonds, multifamily syndications generate cash flow for investors from the income generated by the property. Furthermore, the multifamily asset appreciates over time and usually sells for a significant profit.

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Extraordinary Tax Benefits

Because of depreciation and cost segregation, your investment income is taxed much lower than any other investment. In fact, you may show a taxable loss that can offset other passive income!

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Consistent Above Average Returns

The average stock market return over the last 15 years was 7.04%. However, after fees, inflation, and taxes, that return becomes a negligible 2.5%. On the other hand, multifamily syndications routinely return average annual returns of 10% and above after fees, inflation, and taxes.

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Inflation Hedge

As inflation increases, so does the property's value - even if rents increase at the same rate as expenses - the perfect hedge against inflation.

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Are you a Christian thinking about passively investing in real estate?

When talking with Christians, I get similar questions about passive investing and how it relates to their faith. I appreciate the heartfelt questions, and to help answer them, I wrote a free eBook of five questions to consider before investing in real estate.

When is enough money, enough?
How do I avoid loving money?
Does real estate investing conflict with biblical warnings on debt?
Does relying on passive investments go against biblical principles on hard work?
Is it morally wrong to profit from the housing needs of others?

How Syndications Work

We Acquire Properties

We work with partners to find great deals, negotiate the purchase, and finance the properties.

You Invest

Investors become partners in the ownership of the actual property.

We Manage Everything

We oversee the property managers, who collect the rent from tenants and manage the property.

You Receive Passive Income

We do all the work while you sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of passive income.

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