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Pen and blueprints

Why I'm Actually Fine with the Blueprint For a Renters Bill of Rights

An Oregon landlord's opinion on the White House Blueprint For A Renters Bill Of Rights – it's probably not what you expect.

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Measuring Success

6 Helpful KPIs To Always Consider When Investing In Real Estate

These key performance indicators give limited partners the knowledge and confidence to spot a good deal that aligns with their investment goals.

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Glass Piggy Bank with House and Money Inside

What are Self-Directed IRAs? (And How To Invest In Real Estate With One)

A Self-Directed IRA is a retirement account that lets you invest in alternative investments like real estate, but the restrictions are important to know.

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3 sets of coins being stacked in a line

3 Ways Billionaires Diversify Their Wealth. Are You Doing All of Them?

As you accumulate wealth, you want to maximize your returns while diversifying, but it's not as simple as "diversify all of it." Here's how billionaires do it.

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Rock climber holding out his hand

7 Tried & True Ways You Can Passively Invest In Real Estate

Passive investing is when you provide the funds to someone else who finds, buys, repairs, manages, and eventually sells a property.

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Put money in your pocket

Kiyosaki’s #1 Lesson: Buy Assets That Put Money In Your Pocket

Buying assets is the best use of your income after paying for basic living needs. Assets are anything that puts money in your pocket.

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