Our Property Portfolio

We've owned many multifamily properties since 2009. If you see something that piques your interest, let's set up a time to chat about it.

Current Portfolio

Limited Partners in 112 Unit Development , Keizer OR

2022: Before asking others to invest in our projects, we wanted to know what Limited Partner's experience is. So, we invested in this project for a 1% equity stake.

Site plan for 112 units

26K SF of Warehouse Space and a Small Office Building , Jefferson OR

We acquired this property in a 1031 in 2021. Three business tenants rent the space. From this experience, we learned how to structure custom leases.

Warehouses at the property on Sunnyside

1.5 Acres of Vacant Land to be Developed Into RV Storage , Jefferson OR

In addition to the warehouses, we acquired the adjacent vacant land right on I-5. We're in the process of developing the spot into RV storage.

Plans for RV storage

70-Unit Storage Facility , Lebanon OR

This property was owned by a flipper. It came with a 3/1 single-family home, which they fixed up, but the facility became mismanaged. It was 50% vacant when we bought it in 2019. We implemented a remote onboard experience and stabilized the property in the middle of the pandemic.

J&J Mini-Storage

5-Unit Residential Property , Sweet Home OR

In 2019, I sent out letters to all multi-family owners and picked up this property from an owner who was in over his head. 3 of the units are 200SF tiny cabins that were pulled on skids during the railroad construction.

5-unit residental with cars in front

11-Unit Apartment Building , Albany OR

In the Fall of 2014, we purchased the Lyon Apartments. Occupancy was at 6 of 11 (55%). 100% of those occupants held criminal records for a sexual offense. We terminated all leases and rehabbed the inside in 5 months (new paint, carpet, & repairs throughout). We achieved 100% occupancy at market-level rents within one month after rehab.

White 2-story apartment building

Past Purchases

1.5 Acres Vacant Land , Indiana

In 2017, we tried wholesaling land. From this experience, we learned how to send effective letters to sellers and manage a deal from a distance. We didn't continue wholesaling land because the proceeds from this sale set me in motion to leave my job.

Satelite image of land in Indiana

2/1 Single Family Home , Albany OR

In 2013, we purchased a fixer-upper home to decrease our living expenses. We eventually moved out, fixed up the place, and rented it out.

Green single family home

2/1.5 Duplex , Albany OR

We saved up a 25% down payment and, in 2012, purchased another duplex. This property was stable from day one.

Green with brick duplex

3/1 Duplex , Albany OR

We purchased our first property, a duplex, in 2009. We moved in one side and rented out the other. Our first tenant was horrible, but through them, we learned to set our standards and practice tough love. We also learned how to improve and maintain a property.

Blue duplex